Busy crazy and crazy people.  I won’t moan on about the latter – the mere fact I even have to deal with them wears me out.  However, busy crazy can be fun.  This weekend was not really creatively productive in any way that I wanted it to be, but it was really nice because I got out with friends and family, and was able to spend a lovely, sunny day outdoors most of Saturday.  I got sunburned, and now sport some tan lines.  Today it is damp and grim, the “May Grey” is spread over Ventura county, from the coast to 30 or more miles inland.  Ugh!

My turquoise pencil set got thrown to the wayside on Wednesday with a crisis.  This kind of stuff makes me really restless, so outdoors and exercise was a good relief.  The pencils will get packed up again, and on a break or at lunch, I promise to use them.  I have nearly finished my Noro shawl, which I hope to put into a pattern format in the next week or two.  I am also starting a slouch beret with some Noro sock yarn, which is coming along rather nicely.  And, I also played with some pictures in Photoshop, Lightroom, as well as did some analytical studies on DOF and hyperfocus.  Not a satisfying weekend with a peaceful feeling leading into Monday’s workday, but a sense of accomplishment in some areas.

Yucca Flowers with Bleach Bypass Filter in Lightroom 3

I really like the results of this preset. And finally, the last of my tulips – the petals are all falling off. These flowers have been like friends all week – I’ve watched them move from closed buds to wide open flowers, and have been entranced by their simple beauty. It is sad to see them leave.

I hope this next week doesn’t make me crazy . . .


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