Too Much!

Some people learn things as they go along, living life on a daily basis and incorporating the new stuff without the disruption of everything else.  Not me.  When I am curious about something, I jump headlong with both feet.  This has its good points and bad points, the worst being it can become obsession – luckily, it never does.  The thing is, I am a collector.  I collect information.  I collect things.  And I don’t usually get rid of stuff, either in my mind (though I will as senility approaches), in my closet, under my bed, or in the garage.  Granted, when I return to that interest, costs are very insignificant!

Lately, in case you have not noticed, I have been doing a lot of photography, to the point I decided to set up a blog separate from Ink, Yarn & Beer.  Here, I really want to get back into more personal things, such as the painting and knitting design, as well as just discussions or whatever I fancy.  At that other blog I can focus on photography and what I am doing there, create my little encyclopedia of links, blither on about what I am doing.  I’ve gotten a few hits there, mostly spam, but that blog, like this one, is for my own pleasure.  And to create balance.

My artistic side finds photography rather frustrating, but I am beginning to see how it is tweaking me at the same time.  Thinking about how something is made – effects, colors, process – begin to move into other areas.  Looking at the petals of a rose make me wonder how I can capture them with a brush using ink or watercolor.  Looking at the light shadows in an image make me consider contrast and detail in a painting and why something in a painting works, or does not.  Realism does not need to be done, but the impact created by color, shadow, tone, shape gives an illusion of reality or its impression.

The fact is, any form of art is limited only by the person doing it.  This can because of a lack of tools or innovation, or because one is still in the process of becoming or doing.  I am limited by my interests in a lot of things – painting, knitting, reading, writing, photography, gardening, hiking, traveling – and it keeps me from doing anything well.  On Outlook I have different activities scheduled weekly – creative activities – and that doesn’t help either!  Regardless, the plan is to try to do a bit more of all of it, and be focused on it when I can.


One thought on “Too Much!

  1. Lori

    i feel very cognitively challenged right now….jet lag, perhaps. have you made the photo blog public? i’d love to follow it too! i just can’t find it….

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