There is something about the change in weather, from winter to spring, that makes you want to clean!  Throw out old things.  Tidy up.  Fertilize the flowers, mow the lawn.  Junk and debris just don’t make it, and until all of it is settled to satisfaction, and itchy restlessness prevails.

Double Delight Rose - 100mm, f/20, 1/200s

Here, spring has moved from damp and cold to hot and warm, with temperatures up into the high 80s.  All the clutter on my desk, my unfinished projects, my hairy dog in need of a summer shave, are making me absolutely nuts.  I cannot focus on anything.

So, to task.  Depending on my husband’s mood after work (he works till 6:30 p.m.), we will shave the dog.  I straightened up my desk.  I pulled out a text and am beginning to read it again.  I poured a glass of water.  I took a picture of a rose.  Mentally, I’ve set up a game plan for the rest of the day – what I will do between now and dog-shaving time.

Clutter, chaos, and disorganization begone!


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