Spring Break: Day 3

Today began gloomy and damp, burst into sunshine, and now is back to gloomy and damp.  Easter should be sunny and filled with all the bright colors of Spring!

Yesterday’s grapefruit cake was a success; we had it this afternoon with coffee and a game of cards.  The recipe was simple to make, even if a bit time-consuming, but it certainly was worth the effort.  If you followed the link to the recipe, which I posted yesterday, you can see some really beautiful photographs of it.  Mine are hardly worthy of publishing, but you might be amused by our version of a cake box.

I also did accomplish two things on my list from Friday:

  • build photography reflectors and stands out of PVC pipe
  • sewing
Awhile ago I came across plans for photographic studio equipment called “Tinker Tubes” by Dean Collins at software-cinema.com.  These are really cleverly designed, easy to make, and incredibly inexpensive.  I decided to make small frames to use as reflectors and diffusers, and put together frames measuring 2 x 3 feet.  Being a novice to PVC pipe, primer, and glue, a small project made sense.  Then, I followed Collins’ footing plans to support the frames.
The coverings were easy enough, as I’ve done a lot of sewing.  I basically made pillow cases to cover the frames, using inexpensive or on-sale material from the local fabric store.  I used white nylon tulle for the white diffuser, and for the reflectors a stretchy, shiny gold lame, and a woven metallic silver material.  I double stitched all the seams, as well as overcast the edges to keep raveling to a minimum.

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