Spring Break: The Dawning

Our spring break at school begins today.  In not any particular order, these are what is on the list I drew up yesterday:

  • build photography reflectors and stands out of PVC pipe
  • sewing
  • work on CE course
  • enquire about use of eJunkie for PayPal and other account payments
  • work on HIPAA PowerPoint
  • Read and learn about Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5
  • Take some course at Lynda.com
  • exercise
  • walk Wicket (the dog) more
  • design a shawl out of the sock yarn I have
  • work on the Man Sweater and redesign it
  • Pay a bill or two, and plan out the budget
  • hike
  • mending
  • polish my shoes
  • clean out closets and drawers
  • get a haircut
  • clean out the garage (ha!  I need a year for that, or more!)
  • sumi-e (yeah!)
  • get together with some friends!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break: The Dawning

  1. Lori

    holy cow, and yikes! if you get half of that done you have my awe and amazement. it’s an ambitious list, but isn’t it great to have a plan like that?

    and what a gorgeous photo at the top. spring hasn’t arrived in full color yet in NYC so I soak up the color in that shot. enjoy your break!

  2. -N- Post author

    Oh, I doubt I’ll get much done on the list – I have experiments to grade and people to call. But I do plan a day in Santa Barbara – haven’t been there in ages – I miss some of my old haunts from my days as a rioting student! The list is a guideline . . . but not the master plan!

    Thanks for the thoughts!

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