After seeing how nice Lori’s Saroyan scarf by Liz Abinante looked, I decided to go ahead and do one myself.  Mine is in a wool-and-llama blend in a heathered orchid color.  It’s coming along nicely, and soon I’ll be on the descent into the decreases.  I’ll wash it, and block it, and mark it for me!  With our cold spring here in California, it is perfect for a chilly morning or late night walk.

That said, it also is fun to use knitting to play with different elements of photography.  And it is also a good way to brag:  See?  I’m actually making something!

Knitting Saroyan is very easy.  It took a bit to get used to reading the chart as I generally knit in the round, but that along with the written directions make for an easy project.  I like the fact that there are markers to separate the body from the garter stitch from the leaf pattern – my way to knit!  I can easily complete the pattern part while watching TV.  Once done, I’ll block it out and take a few more shots, especially of the leaves.

Altogether, this is a satisfying project to knit – and to photograph!  (You can see more pictures of my Saroyan here.)


One thought on “Copycat

  1. lori

    ooh, beautiful in that yarn! it’s fun to knit, isn’t it — just enough variation to keep you interested. i can’t wait to see yours blocked. it looks warmer than mine, and thicker and squishier. i need to make one with that hand, for sure.

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