A Bit o’ Green

St. Patrick’s Day is soon to be upon us.  Regardless as to the history – good or bad – surrounding St. Patrick himself, here in the U.S. there is a tradition of wearing green on that day (orange will get you a pinch!), and sporting shamrocks.  Coming from the usual motley American ethnic mish-mash, nonetheless I can say that my maiden name is, according to one source, the 12th most common name in Ireland today.  So, to celebrate, I present you with Shamrock Socks, started in a fit today, stimulated by cold weather, and cold feet.  In the front of the fire, these are being designed . . .

Will these be done in time?  Who knows!  But as I listen to my current spy novel (Hornet Flight by Ken Follett), these socks are evolving.  I have two skeins of a sage green, and one of a creamy color, pulled from my stash – a total of 390 yds or so.  Not enough in either one color to make a sock, and so the Shamrock Socks were born.


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