IMBY is the opposite of NIMBY.

Sometimes it is surprising to find out what is in your own community.  Just the other day, for the very first time, I heard about  I have no idea where I heard of it.  Yet, it has been here for years, since the mid-90s, living in Ojai, Ventura, and Carpenteria.  Amazing.

As someone who has been in education for many years, I was pleasantly surprised, and delighted when I went to their site.  Watching the videos of Lynda and Bill, co-founders of, I enjoyed the fact that these are real people, down-to-earth and creative.  Makes me want to change job venues!

We also have Sage Publications in Newbury Park, an academic publishing company with a wide array of publications in varied areas.  We also have Amgen in the same town, and nearby, in different areas, the now-defunct Countrywide.

Besides some interesting (to me) corporations, we also have a few movie stars and other famous people.  Four miles from where I live is the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library; in Thousand Oaks we have Ms. Hailee Steinfeld who starred as Mattie in the Koen Brothers version of True Grit.

Wow – all this over my back fence!


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