Calligrapher’s Suzuri

Deep Well for Ink

This is a beautiful little suzuri, ideal for calligraphers.  It measures 4.75 x 2.75 inches (12 x 7 cm), originates from Japan, and is made of natural stone.  The size makes it perfect for taking with you.  Western calligraphers who like to use sumi with dip pens find the deep well at the end a perfect reservoir for ink.  Brush calligraphers also find it useful as the brush tip can be dipped straight in.  Because of its small size, obviously this is not going to work for someone who needs a lot of ink, but for someone who is writing with a pen or fine brush, this is a superb little stone.

For the sumi artist, a deep well is equally useful.  The flat surface can be laid with water, the tip dipped in the well for dark ink followed by a small amount of water, held tip up, and the two will combine in a lovely gradation of ink.

Combined with a professional grade sumi stick, this little stone produces rich, dense ink with little effort.

Calligrapher's Suzuri - 4.75 x 2.75 inches (12 x 7 cm)


3 thoughts on “Calligrapher’s Suzuri

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  2. Dominic


    I bought a stone from the much missed Acorn Planet some years ago that was said to be She. It is a nice stone but too big to take away with me. How do you rate the Shakyo-Ken against a mid-range Acorn Planet stone? On John Neal’s site, a comment rates it better than Chinese stones, but they may have meant cheap Chinese stones. I do Spencerian calligraphy, so I’m looking for a stone that grinds very fine and gives very thin, but black, ink, so that I can get very fine hairlines but very dark shades.

    Also, how do you rate the Eiraku and Akanegumo inksticks? Would they give ink suitable for my purposes?

    Regards, Dominic

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