Is it really Monday?

Yes, it is.  I woke up at 5:10 a.m. thinking, ahhhh, I can play today!  Sunday!  Did I really get all that stuff done on Saturday??

Actually, it was Sunday.  But Saturday was not a bad day at all.

Over the weekend I really was quite productive:

  • wrote a test
  • took over 300 pictures at the local botanical garden
  • worked on turning text into HTML
  • looked up how to do lists in code
  • wrote up a recommendation
  • got stood up for an appointment
  • took 2 naps
  • worked out
  • read
  • did some cooking
  • sorted out a lot of stuff and got it organized
  • planted some amaryllis – now I need to plant two rose bushes, and begin the get-ready-for-spring gardening stuff

Oh, and other things, but I didn’t get any knitting done.  I didn’t paint.  But I do feel like the weekend was enjoyable – just one day short of what I wanted!


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