Laziness . . .

. . . looks attractive, but work gives satisfaction.

Remember reading this?

It really is true.  Finishing something, even minute, if viewed from the perspective this is what I am doing with my life – with !?!? or @$%*(&! added to the end – makes one reconsider the smallest activities.

Monday was a holiday, Martin Luther King Day specifically, and that day I sat down with my pile of UFOs from my husband’s office.  I finished off the ends of two sweaters, two pair of socks.  I finished  a hat.  I sewed on 10 buttons.

The result was quite satisfying, although one sweater is not really to my liking as much as I hoped.  The other one I am pleased with and wore it yesterday.  It’s construction is simple, knit in the round, raglan sleeves.  The other has set in sleeves, something I really dislike, that I sewed in rather poorly and then felted.  The fabric itself is nice, but the neckline is lower than I like as well as a bit puckery, but I believe I can fix both problems with a bit of thought.  Then that sweater will be more satsifying.

Laziness?  On that subject, when I am feeling lazy, I am either restless or bored, and cannot focus.  When I am in a leisurely frame of mind, I am far from being aimless.  Leisure is a luxury, and something I savor because it is a treat of an ethereal nature, and can be filled with a conscientious choice to do nothing, or filled with pleasures, such as knitting, reading, gardening, painting, or whatever appeals to me at the moment.  It can be very unproductive when it comes to completing tasks, but very productive in restoring a sense of well being on all levels of existence – mental, physical, spiritual.


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