UFOs are Landing!

Yarn Balls Rolling!

What was supposed to be a two-week interim stay by my brother turned into five months.  We moved the guest bed in my husband’s office into my studio so that Josh, who telecommutes, would not be kicking my brother out at 5:30 a.m.  All the stuff in my studio, where the bed landed, migrated to the former bed space in my husband’s office.

Last night I dove into the knitting projects which had begun piling up there.  Some people live out a suitcase quite tidily – I admit, I do not – and using borrowed space is sort of the same.  The result was a treasure trove of lost needles (more than few, and lots more than several), projects, yarn.   In the mix I found two sweaters which need finishing up, like weaving in ends, that I had neatly folded into a bag and promptly lost.  Also, a beret or two or three or four in various stages of design and failure.  The list grows.

Paint Brushes Ready to Escape!

The remaining items include the tansu which stores my suzuri and varied painting supplies, rolls of paper, and a box full of ink-painting supplies (mostly sumi and hake brushes) which I have been hoping to sell here on Ink, Yarn & Beer, to see if anyone might be interested in a few specialty items. My light table is also in there and who knows what else!

Photoscaping is Happening!

And while I am at it, a wonderful, easy-to-use, free program to edit digital images just released an upgrade.  Photoscape is a fantastic product.  I use it for quick editing of jpg files (it does not support raw files, as far as I know), especially those with color issues, such as being too red.  For those red ones, I decolor the image to -3 or -4, depending.

Now it has frames!  I used one of the gradated ones for these.  Check it out – there is a bit of learning curve, but I have found it quite easy.


It takes time to re-organize after such a disruption. Available space is different than it used to be as the bed is staying in the studio.  The best part – hooray – is I can paint with far easier access to supplies.



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