Morning Walk

Wicket (our dog) and I went for a walk this morning, just around the neighborhood, less than a mile, but in that time frame, he sniffed a lot, and I looked a lot.  The cold snap we have had here is gone, for now at least – it was 78 F yesterday – and today is supposed to be the same.

Leaving the house just before 7:00 a.m., the sun was still low in the sky, which is really lovely for light.  I took the little Lumix ZS5, and though I didn’t get any awe-inspiring shots, I did look at the blooms showing up in the flowering pear trees, the new buds on the wisteria, and the golden leaves still clinging to the sycamores.

It has been awhile since I took the time to be outdoors in the earlier hours of the day. I have forgotten how enjoyable the changes in the air and light are as the day begins.  Growing up in rural Illinois, sunrise was exciting throughout the year.  Those memories linger; living in suburbia, it is so easy to forget the joys of the early morning.


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