Tommy’s New Year’s Hat

We last saw our friends Jerry and Raka over a year ago when they came in from Japan for a post-wedding reception in the U.S.  Raka was about five months pregnant at the time, and in December 2009, their son, Tommy, was born.  For the Christmas season, they all flew in to spend the end of the year with family and friends, many of whom only got to meet Tommy for the first time.  Within a few days of arriving here stateside, Tommy got the chicken pox – kids don’t get that vaccination until they are a year old.  When we saw them, Tommy was pretty much recovered, but still all spotty.  Poor kid!

In Japan, red and white are colors of good fortune for the New Year.  And, I happened to have some red and white Wool Ease in my stash, so it seemed to be a perfect color combination, not only for welcoming 2011, but also for the Christmas season as well.  So this pattern is dedicated not just to the now-recovering Tommy, but to our friends Jerry and Raka, and to a happy, prosperous 2011 to family and friends, one and all.


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