Boyfriend Sweater vs. Man Sweater vs. Dogosaurus Rex

Once upon a time I had a boyfriend.  He liked the idea of my knitting him an Aran sweater.  He wanted to design it.

And so he did, and I began to knit.  And knit.  And knit.

He decided he wanted to make some changes.  So I ravelled.  And then I knit.  And knit again.

The design was not to his liking.  “Let us change this, and this, and this,” he said.

I dumped him.

Now, many years later, I have yet to endeavor upon another sweater for a member of the opposite sex older than three, but since I’m now an old married woman, perhaps it is time to reconsider.  It is a gamble, as the esposo doesn’t tend to wear sweaters.

“What would you like?” I ask.

“Oh, anything is fine,” he says.

“Do you want a pullover?”


“A cardigan?  Cables?  No cables?  Pattern stitch?  Nothing stitch?”

“How about a cardigan, and Nothing certainly sounds Perfect.  You know me, I like Dull.”

And I know me, I don’t like dull.  But I do like simple, and tailored.  I also like color, but I am the magpie, not he.  He likes dull.  Not even slightly shiny.

So the search is on for something which will not bore me to death, and will not offend the esposo’s need for dull.  I am considering ribbed cables, knit through the back loop.  Attractive, tailored, flat, won’t put me to sleep in the process, and I can do while listening to an audio book.  A pattern tailored in appearance.  I am also considering an incredibly simple rib, but one with a slightly different edge to it, one which is vertical, simple, and with a wee amount of texture.

The yarn is from a fleece I had spun into a medium-weight two ply.  I have tons of it, and the color is a lovely chocolately brown.  (Mmmmm.  Chocolate.)

Swatching is begun; the design process is percolating.  One piece knitting, cutting?, saddle vs raglan sleeves.

On the other hand, knitting for the other main man in my life, Wicket, would be easy.  He would gladly wear the Dogosaurus Sweater, but I’m afraid that when I get it done, he will die. Wicket is very old, and I am superstitious.


2 thoughts on “Boyfriend Sweater vs. Man Sweater vs. Dogosaurus Rex

  1. And it is soooooo true!

    The dog sweater came out years ago, and I bought it, but never made it. The colors just made me laugh. Only a dog would wear it, or a kid!

    Thanks for coming by.

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