Persimmons, ii

With this entire week off for Thanksgiving, I have free time.  No rush like at Christmas.  Other family members will be serving up dinner, which means I don’t have anything to do, other than show up and be charming!  Josh is making tiramisu for dessert – off the hook there.  So easy.

Not really.  I’ve brought work home to do, such as contracts and letters of recommendation, but in that mix I certainly plan to do some fun things.  The latest Harry Potter movie is slated for the next couple of days, as is time to knit and paint and work out and walk and take some photos and read and learn some software.  Maybe a day trip to Santa Monica, too.

And paint I have – with disastrous results.  Persimmons are far harder to do than I was thinking – and I can see what not painting has done as well:  I’ve lost the knack.  Sure, I know I will get it back, but it is not a lot of fun to be frustrated!  More importantly, though, is realizing that, although I enjoy photography, I also love having things in my hands to manipulate – a brush, a knitting needle, a trowel, a mixing spoon.  Photography is a bit more intellectual even though I like the gut approach, too, of thinking of something, and trying it out.  It also can be cumbersome, and I really like to travel light.  Lugging around a dog and a camera is not fun, especially if the dog sees a squirrel!

Here are my persimmon paintings.  Yuck.

I certainly plan on working on the subject matter a lot.  The part where the fruit attaches to the tree is rather interesting – the area is square and continues that square shape into the leaves at a 45 degree angle, creating a rather interesting pattern of diamonds within diamonds.  The shape of the hachiya persimmon is longer and pointed, sort of like an acorn, while the fuyu persimmons are squat.  Luckily, both are available in the market right now.  Mine are getting moldy.


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