Hit Man for the Nikon Mafia

Ok, there really is no hit man.  More of a pitch man.  “This is why you need a Nikon.  Look at what you can do with a Nikon.  You really should get a Nikon.  Nikon is always ahead of everyone with their technology.”

I am giving myself several months to choose a DSLR with interchangeable lenses.  Right now there are so many new offerings just out, or out soon (just in time for the winter holidays), that it doesn’t make sense to buy one now.  Later, the reviews will be in, and the prices should drop.  Of course, there will be newer things as well later on.

My thoughts on cameras run in all directions.  Buy good glass, and not be too nutso over the body.  Buy small cameras which are easy to hold, and have good lenses.  Buy something that feels good in the hand with both large and small lenses.  In other words, try the camera on for size.

Nikons are what my friend who lent me his keeps telling me to get.  I think he has been using them for forty years!  Or, as a second choice, he says, get a Canon.

All well and good, but part of me just doesn’t want what everyone else has.  I’m rather ornery that way.  I was drawn to the micro 4/3 system when it first came out, but to date it does not seem as if any of them are really having superb lenses to go with them.  Nikon does have excellent lenses, as does Canon; not too sure about Sony or Olympus or Panasonic in their smaller cameras, though I do believe Leica lenses can work on the Panasonic.  There is argument, though, for and against the Japanese-made Leica glass versus the German-made Leica glass.  Eek!

One which has caught my eye very seriously is the Pentax K-5.  I like its really, really solid construction.  I drop things and spill things all over the place, so it sure does have appeal that way.  Another especially attractive element is the fact that the K-5 is backward compatible with all K-mount lenses.

An attractive smaller camera is the Panasonic Lumix GH2.  I really love my little ZS5 – it takes some really great pictures, and it is what has gotten me really interested in the DSLR world more seriously, especially using manual exposure factors.  For a point-and-shoot camera that fits in your pocket, it is phenomenal as far as I am concerned.

Sony is also interesting.  The Alpha 55 looks like it has a lot going for it, especially in size.  Good reviews are coming out about it, although opinions of its lenses vary.

Price is also a factor.  A good, used Nikon may be had, but there is always part of me which likes to buy something new.  However, that seems sort of silly at times – people are always selling off perfectly good techie toys because another model is out.  And, seriously, this may be the route I take, but I think I need to make a choice of camera itself (brand) before I buy lenses.  And that is where Sigma is interesting – it makes third-party lenses for most major camera manufacturers!

I’m willing to spend on good equipment – things made to last, that work well, that don’t become unfashionable in a few weeks time – all appeal to me.  I’m doing my research!  In the meantime, I am very lucky to have a Nikon D70 to play with.


One thought on “Hit Man for the Nikon Mafia

  1. Anne Sandler

    Hi -N-
    I shoot with Nikon, camera and lenses and a couple of Sigma lenses. All my gear was bought used except for my D7100 body. The deal was too good to pass up. If I knew then, what I know now, I might have opted for the mirrorless camera. They are lighter and seem to be getting better. I know some Canon shooters who swear by them. Good luck!

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