A Walk in the Dark

Tonight I took a walk with Josh over to the campus where he goes to school, just a few blocks from our house.  As it has been raining the past few days, it was really nice to be outside and smell all the damp night scents – earth, leaf mould, cement.  The sky is foggy, with the moon appearing and disappearing.  I took the Lumix ZS5 with me, and did everything on manual settings, just to see what I would get.  Altogether, I was amazingly pleased with the results!


f/3.3 and 60 second exposure



f/6.4 and 25 second exposure (about)



f/6.4 with about a 6 second exposure



f/6.4 and about 15 second exposure


The above exposures are what I think I did – I could look at the EXIF if I wanted to, but it is a bit late in the evening for me!  So, I’ll finish with a couple of shots I took as I walked back home.


Neighbor's Cactus Garden



Across the Street



Over My Fence!


This last one is looking over the fence into the back yard of my house.  As I was setting this one up, a car drove by . . . I wonder what they thought if they saw me skulking along the fence in the dark!

Anyway, all the photos from tonight are on Flickr if you want to see them.  Some I converted to black and white, and others I putzed with using Photoscape and Elements 9.


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