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Singing the Blues

September 10, 2010

Having become a bit more serious about photography, doing “themes” seems to be a good way to focus on something, rather than randomly shooting all and anything.  And just getting out with the conscious intent to take a picture in theme is proving to be a challenge, a bit of a laugh, as well as tapping into what I would consider as design elements in a painting now being used in a sentence.

The set to the right, What Color is Blue?, are some of the ones I did yesterday morning in a local park.  None have been retouched, but a few have been cropped.  The most interesting thing to note was how the color shifted with a longer exposure.  The benches are a rather nice blue, very clear, but become more turquoise with more light exposure, either with the f-stop or the time.

The above photo is a detail of one of the bench shots I did. I rather like the composition of lines in different directions. However, dead center is a bit of blob between the blue uprights . . . I will try to remove this with some software and see the results. No wonder people edit digital pictures! They can become much more interesting when cleaned up a bit.

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