Patio Gardening

With some optimism, I did some container gardening this month.  I transplanted some old roses from another property – a beautiful, delicate pale pink rose that has been in the family for over 50 years – and a Helmut Schmidt, which is a bright yellow rose with a delicious fragrance – and my favorite yellow rose.

Helmut Schmidt Rose

Helmut Schmidt Rose

Besides the roses, I put in a Tradescantia (never heard of that) in a pot with some lobelia, planted herbs together and separately, planted a Tickweed (also known as coreopsis) and re-did the ongoing disaster of a strawberry pot.  (I should have read this before I did this pot yet again!)  Here are the results.

Patio Corner with Brown Turkey Fig Tree, Roses, and Herbs

Orchid Under the Jacaranda

Spanish Basil, Lemon Verbena, Lobelia, and Tickweed

"Potpourri" Pot

Strawberry Pot with Mint (on top) with Lobelia and Nieremberigia

Tradescantia Bloom

Tradescantia in Pot with Lobelia

Another Close-Up of a Tradescantia Flower

Another Tradescantia Bloom

Tradescantia Blooms in the Morning, Closes Up in the Evening


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