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Knitting Projects, a Video, and a Read

August 8, 2010

Admittedly, most of this past week I have not picked up my knitting.  It’s been rather a busy week with both of us on vacation.  There are also relatives in town, friends to visit, and calligraphy to do and novels to read.  And exercise, and planning meals, and trying to have a life for a bit!  However, I barricaded myself in what was / is my studio (my brother is sleeping in it for now), and closed the door.  No one in the same room, but I do hear the clatter of dishes or whatever.  It’s so nice to just be alone!  Or, a lawn, in the words of Ms. Garbo.

The major projects at present are sweaters for a friend’s twin grandsons, born about 2 weeks ago.  These sweaters are for 6-12 month olds in size, so a bit of a wait won’t harm them any.

Kimono Sweater

This sweater is a kimono sweater.  The design is not original.  I’m not too sure I like it – I think the ribbing is a bit funky, but the yarn is a nice color combo, and it is wash-n-wear.  (In other words, acrylic!)

Hooded Cardigan

Now this sweater is one of my own design, the pattern which I hope to publish once done.  I liked doing this one much more than the kimono, but will admit I am getting tired of it.  That long blue blob under the needles is a hood, which, if my neat side plays out, will be grafted – something I really, really hate!

Finally, the SO has another hat.  This is the Xenocryst hat, by Linda Shelhamer, in the Fall 2010 issue of Knitscene.

Hat - Unstretched

I misread the pattern and put only one purl stitch between the patterns, but it worked out just fine.  The cast on was perfect, too, as it really is stretchy.  You can find out how to do it by watching this video with Nancy Bush.

In fact, I liked this cast on so much, I started a hat using it and cables and bobbles.

Finally, I am reading another book about Chinese calligraphy.  This one is a bit different from many as it goes into some interesting details and makes interesting comparisons to Western art.  I’m up to page 70 with a lot more to read.

The Chinese Art of Writing, by Jean Francois Billeter

Nadja van Ghelue has it on her recommended list of books about calligraphy.  Just by happenstance I found it at our local library, before knowing of her recommendation.  It is quite fascinating because of the way in which Chinese calligraphy is presented, and admittedly, it is holding my interest even though I often find books like this to be more than I can handle – I just look at the pictures! – as I am not especially scholarly in my preferred reading!  (I like spy novels, to tell the truth.)

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