The entire month of July, including weekends, was work.  Work at finishing finals, grading, clinical visits and recruitment.  Interviewing and testing and choosing amongst the many candidates for the program.  Setting up the graduation celebration, ordering catering and cake, buying flowers and decorations.

In between, there was cleaning up the house to get ready to rent, horrified at what people call “gardening” (is a 12 foot tall weed an example of gardening??), and what people think they are free to leave behind for the next tenants or the property owner – cans of gasoline for the lawn mower!  So, there went July, which fortunately has been very cool on the California coast – otherwise, I doubt I would have survived the labor.  Fortunately, my brother and husband pitched in and now, a tenant with a year’s lease.

Yesterday was my first day of a month of not working.  Morning was the Chinese painting class – this time, a demonstration on silk.  Teacher did a lotus.  I, being still in exhaustion mode, wandered in about 11:00.  And wandered out an hour later.  Home to nap.  In the evening, a family get-together before heading over to Cal Lutheran to see the Kingsmen’s production of The Winter’s Tale. I did nothing except kick back, which was pure heaven.  Today, more of the same.

Tomorrow, I think I shall be back on track – all eager to do fun things over the next 30 days!!


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