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Shoulder Surgery, One Year Later

July 19, 2010

I think it was around 7/25/2009 that I had a Mumford decompression of my right shoulder.  I went back to work three days later, and in general made a very good recovery.  Over the next ten weeks, I attended weekly physical therapy sessions and learned a lot about movement and stretching, all to keep my shoulder in good shape as it healed.  The muscles had been pulled apart during surgery for the insertion of the instruments, and that left me with weird feelings.  I also had a radial nerve block which created a bit of havoc later on.  I also paid attention to my posture as I knit or did other things.

A year later, my diligence has slackened, and a few kinks appear, but the fact is, the surgery was worth it, but successful recovery is often in the hands of skilled surgeon, and in the determination of the patient to get well.  When I get back into my exercises and posture, I am doing great!

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