Sword & Brush

As an essentially Irish setter in personality, I cannot seem to settle on one thing or another with any sense of devotion. I’m always off, following another scent. Already, having cleaned up my UFO pile, I have another pile beginning – socks, husband sweater, baby sweaters, hat ideas. Then the desire for a paint brush takes over, and everything gets set aside. Right now, I have a brother living with me who has taken over the studio a bit, so my life is skewing into other directions as a result. My spinning wheel has come out, and some fleece and silk to keep it company. I also keep looking at the different WordPress blog themes, and try them on, like shoes. Some fit, some don’t.

So what does the video above have to do with internal / external chaos? It is quite simple: an appreciation for focus. Problem is, mine keeps shifting . . .


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