Toe Up Socks Redux

Even though I have been writing about scones and ink, as well as rambling, I have been knitting.  I finished a project that sort of took shape one day when I was putzing around.  Unbelievably, I did another pair of toe-up socks, and was very pleased with the results.  They were very easy to do, to design, and fairly quick knitting up, even though I was using US 1.5 needles (though you could use a US 1 or 2 – 2.25 to 2.75 mm) and knitting at 8 stitches per inch.

My very first pair of toe-up socks was a major headache, and I really hated them.  So, I called them Albatross Socks* – from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  Because these were such an astounding success, I named these new ones Fly Away! – and the pattern, and sock yarn, made me think of birds and a bright, blue sky.


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