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May 16, 2010

I don’t like the standard quesadilla I’ve experienced – cheese and meat mushed together in a flour tortilla. Definitely unappetizing. However, not too long ago, we had dinner at the in-laws, and as always, we were well fed. We met up prior to seeing Itzhak Perlman at the Oxnard Performing Arts Center, so dinner was light. And that is when I fell in love with quesadillas a la Drew. And this afternoon, we had some.

These quesadillas are not slap-dash, but require a bit of time. For your pleasure, here is how they are made.


Large flour tortillas
Large peppers – red bell, pasilla, and / or other tasty peppers
Grilled chicken breasts
Sauteed onions mixed with chipotle and ancho powder
Grated jack cheese

Roast peppers over open flame until skin is charred. Steam in bag or closed container to cool. Peel and seed. Grate cheese, slice chicken. Sautee onions until slightly caramelized; add seasoning if desired.

On tortilla, layer cheese evenly over the entire surface. One one half of tortilla, spread out pieces of chicken, peppers, onions, and then place in hot cast iron skillet which has been sprayed with oil. Turn up heat, and cook open-faced until the cheese has melted. Once melted, fold tortilla in half, squish a bit, and let cook a bit more. Remove from skillet, slice and serve with sour cream and salsa.

Serve with Margaritas!

Roasted Bell Peppers

Peel and Seed the Peppers

Grate the Cheese, Slice the Chicken

Cheese All Over Tortilla. Chicken, Peppers and Onions on One Half

Heat in Iron Skillet Until Cheese Melts

Fold Tortilla in Half

Serve with Margaritas . . . Devour!

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