Another UFO finished! You can find the pattern on the Patterns page.

I had some red yarns that I just couldn’t get into by themselves – the plain red KnitPicks Palette was just too plain, and the Noro red was just too noisy. So, to contain the exuberance of the Noro, these socks were born. And, it turned out, I really like them. The solid stripes break up the busy-ness of the Noro, and creates a structure that keeps the Noro patterning from getting out of hand. Add to this, the stripes sure make it easy for one sock to match the other.

This pattern does not tell you how to knit socks. You decide how you want to knit the heel – I think I used a Dutch heel here – and a classical toe. As easily, you could do any heel that allows you to create one in a solid color. Toes could be anything you want. These socks could also be knit from the toe up – just follow the striping.



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