Buttoned Cardigan, v

Done at last!

I don’t know about you, but once I start doing things, I keep doing things. When I am feeling lazy and stop doing things, I come to a screeching halt, and go no further. Inventorying my UFOs gave me some momentum to get things done, and these past two weekends seem to have been one of those moments when the corner was turned: I just want to keep going. Getting past that inertia is so difficult – like running up a steep hill – but coming down the hill is a lot easier.

Or is it just spring?

Anyway, I finished the buttoned cardigan, and will say that I am generally pleased with the pattern. I like the garter stitch cuffs, hem, and shoulder accents. Not too sure about the i-cord bindoff for the back neck, nor the way the armholes were shaped, but in general, it is a very attractive pattern. The yarn I used does not give to much, as it is acrylic and cotton, but even so, I think it works quite well for the sweater. Below are images of the sweater and details of different parts. My favorite part are those green buttons!

I also planted some madder seeds . . . not that it required too much effort!


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