Project Inventory

Today is nearing the end of the spring break.  The weather has been wonderful, with a day of rain to clear the air, and sunny days with wind and fair skies.  The trees are budding into leaf, the birds are making love songs, and the squirrels, well, are going nuts.

And in the middle of all this, I have managed to get a grip on things, meet up with people for lunch, read a bit, knit, and think about (but not do) some gardening.  I have a fig tree and plum tree which need attention, a vine to move, and so on.  And a lot of knitting projects.  When I have time to play, I like to begin things.  But do they get done?


All I need to do is sew on the buttons – but I made a mistake in the darts so, rip it or not? This is a pattern by Kate Davies at Needled.

Buttoned Cardigan

Only a few inches left on the sleeve and I am done. What’s taking me so long?  This is a cardigan by Eva Weichmann, owner of Eva’s Needlework in Thousand Oaks, CA, which I’ve mentioned before.

Top Down Beret from Hell

I’m beginning the decreasing toward the brim . . . not soon enough!

Hat in Design Mode

I found an issue here – bobble placement. Back to the drawing board.

Golden Autumn by Lucy Sweetland

Just a gorgeous hat, but I got sidetracked.  Lucy is one of my favorite designers and photographers.


One hand down, another to go.

Mittens in Design Mode

Out of my Cascade 220 stash.

The Relentless Scarf

So boring I can’t stand it.


Lots of socks.  Too many.  And this is not all the inventory, either.

Socks to be Ripped

The yarn is from Riihivilla in Finland, naturally dyed with cochineal and indigo.  I’ve decided that the yarn is too pretty to hide on my feet, so now all this is sitting on my desk while I reconsider how to use the yarn to show it off.

Victorian Lace Shawl

Nearly done. It’s been sitting on a shelf for two years. I don’t know what is taking me so long, but I think it will get finished pretty soon.  It is a beautiful yarn, perfect for the pattern, and the colors have a lovely iridescence.

What’s a girl to do?


3 thoughts on “Project Inventory

  1. Karen

    I’m cracking up! Oh the land of UFO’s! After reading about yours I’ve finally let go the illusion that I’m ever going to finish that sweater I knit my sister 10 years ago. Thanks for the enjoyable post!

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