It’s been a bit of time since my last post.  I’ve been caught up in launching my students into the clinical world – like kids off to college or moving out – there is a bit of the empty nest.  Simultaneously, there is room now to organize things and do things which have been put off.  And to apply for jobs as who knows what will happen on the 15th.  I’ve also passed the CBEST, with 204 out of 240 total points possible – about an 85% average, I guess.  So, things can be added to the old credential.  Back up plan taking shape.

Meanwhile, I have been looking at all my projects, and the fact is, I’m in a very scattered mood.  Inventory of WIPs and UFOs shows the following:

      • Gloves, unfinished
      • Top-down beret, in revision and slow progress
      • Simple Cardigan, 1/2 sleeve remaining
      • Socks – too many to mention
      • A few other hats
      • Gansey – just started for the Esposo

And this Saturday, I finally get to go to the first Chinese painting class in probably five months.  As this is the Year of the Tiger, Teacher will demonstrate this painting.

And I still have some palm trees to consider.


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