Coline – by Lucy Sweetland

A few weeks ago I mentioned I’d won a free pattern..  Lucy Sweetland of A Black Pepper decided, very generously, to share a copy of her hat Coline with a few lucky people.  I was one!  And I just fell in love with this hat.

Altogether, I have made three Colines in the past few weeks.  Two were out of worsted weight yarn, tweedy red and blue Wool Ease.  These are destined for the wool-sensitive, gotta-throw-everything-into-the-washing-machine family members. The red Coline was a bright, cardinal red, and impossible to photograph. The blue one was not easy to photograph, either, but I am not especially good at photography! Nonetheless, these hats do show you the beauty of the detail and design which make Coline so lovely.

The third Coline I made out of some hand spun yarn I made years ago out of grey and cream Shetland, mohair, and mylar I carded together. The Wool Ease hats were easy to knit up, but the hand spun yarn was slick and kept sliding off the needles. I am keeping the hand spun hat for myself, though, as it really is my favorite.

If you are looking for a beanie or close-fitting hat, Coline is perfect. And if you want to see very nice photographs of Coline, be sure to head over to Lucy’s website – not only is she a great designer, she also is an amazing photographer. And now, Coline comes in other flavors – mitts and a neckwarmer as well.


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