Double Knitting

In the past few months I’ve given thought to double knitting, which is the creation of mirrored patterns on a double layer of fabric. I’ve found some patterns that really have caught my attention. What really got me more interested was one called Cheesehands, by Julia Mueller. I really like the design – it’s a small project – and I have someone in mind who likes warm hands.

It also has a matching hat, so the temptation to knit is there! The pattern is quite cheerful, I think, and certainly worth the effort of learning double knitting.

Also, if you like gloves, Julia Mueller has incredible patterns, from whimsical to classical. Her other items include socks and hats. Check her stuff out on Ravelry.  Her cable and twisted stitches are different and intriguing.

The current edition of the Twist Collective has a lot of gorgeous patterns, and a hat called Four Winds by Alasdair Post-Quinn.

The article he wrote about double knitting is quite good.  What is even better are the videos embedded within.  These videos enhance reading about the whole process, including his incredible cast-on that allows the knitter to begin knitting immediately.  For me, the long-tail cast-on like this has always been confusing.  For some reason, it makes sense here.  (My long tail is very different.  I think it is easier.  Maybe I’ll film it one day.)

Here are the three videos in the article.

Double Knitting Cast-On

Double Knitting – Regular and Twisted Stitch

Double Knit Decreases

Interestingly, when getting the links on YouTube for Alasdair’s videos, I found that there are quite a few from the Twist Collective which I plan to check out.

* * *

In the meantime, I plan to finish a few hats and a shawl and a sleeve before I take on double knitting.  And paint a few pictures.  And prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday.

* * *

Addendum: I lied.  I started playing with double knitting.  Here is a link with some good tutorials:  Golden Apples.


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