Painting Corn in Sumi-e

More fun in making painting videos – NOT!

These really are a lot of work to make, but they are getting easier. Again, a lot of the hard work is the setting up and the processing. I really do minimal work on them, but would like to make ones that are rather polished. The fact is, making videos is a lot like taking photographs – most of what is done is not at all good, most is trash, only a few are good. Making videos for an afternoon proved that point all too well. Also, the fact is, that being on film really makes me self-conscious, not something I like. Painting a line wrong creates instant trauma!

Initially, when I set up to make videos, the whole idea was to do chrysanthemums, in keeping with their autumnal theme in ink painting. Well, I really don’t like any chrysanthemum I’ve ever painted, so why should I be so foolish as to think I might be able to do one for a video?

I ended up painting corn – a really easy subject, yet one that is uses a lot of different techniques. Dots and medium grey ink, very wet. Twisting the brush in different directions as painting. Dry brush strokes. Contrasting shades and textures.

My contribution to the season!


8 thoughts on “Painting Corn in Sumi-e

  1. Linda Spreen

    I love this picture. I am taking classes and wonder which brush you used to paint this> Thanks for any help Linda

  2. Naomi Post author

    Hi Linda – I used two brushes for the corn video. One is a soft brush, with the outer hair white (soft) and with an inner core that is a bit dark and comes to a very fine point. It holds water very well. The one I am using is from Japan. The other one, the one used at the end of the painting, is a Mountain Horse Brush (fine point), which you can buy for about $12.00 at Oriental Art Supply in Huntington Beach, CA. You can find them online. I think you might find the “small flow brush” from Oriental Art Supply similar to the Japanese brush, and about $17.00.

    I’ve ordered a lot of items from OAS, and am always pleased with their service.

    If you need more info, let me know! Also, I appreciate your letting know you liked the painting.

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  4. john

    Really great site, thank you so much for your times to share such informativaluable post.

  5. -N- Post author

    Glad you like the videos . . . sumi-e is such a pleasant way to express yourself!

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