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November 1, 2009

This week has really not been bad.  It has just been busy, busy, busy.  All of last weekend was packed with people and events.  Monday and Tuesday were full, as was Wednesday and Thursday, all day at work and afterwards.  Friday the dryer died.  There went Friday night with a trip to the laundromat to finish up soggy clothes.  Saturday morning was Japanese class.

But, despite it all, I took some time to play with yarn.  Most knitting projects I have are at points where things need time – they cannot simply fill time –  except for playing with a stitch pattern I found quite interesting.  

What I did not expect was the curved bottom at the beginning of the pattern – the book did not mention this at all, which can create design element problems.  On the other hand, used properly, it can lend to some creative adjustments to eliminate the ripple, or incorporate it.

Now it is a sunny, Sunday morning. Light breeze, blue sky, warm weather. An extra hour to have fun because of daylight savings. Not a bad way to wind down a crazy week!

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