Buttoned Cardigan, iv

This sweater is nearly done – about 85%. I’ve had to modify the pattern a bit to meet my needs, specifically having yarn that could not be knit to gauge. I have completed the first sleeve, which has knit up quite easily. I picked up 80 stitches total around the armscye.

If you look at the pattern photos from an earlier post, the sleeves are wrist length. As I am notorious for catching and ripping anything at wrist level, including destroying metal bracelets, I always roll my sleeves up, no matter what, or try to find clothing with 3/4 length sleeves. So, I decided to do this with the sweater as well. And, the end result (hopefully) will be that I have a very comfortable sweater which will have nice cuffs over time, and not be as hot as full-length sleeves would make it.

I’ve set Ishbel aside until I’ve finished this project – I think I have made a mistake in the current row of the lace, but don’t want the stress of finding right now.

And, admittedly, I have other knitting projects I’m putzing with . . .


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