Buttoned Cardigan, iii

The Buttoned Cardigan seems to be moving along nicely. Some focus is needed for the button bands and the pattern along the upper portion of the bodice, but it is easily done. I had to improvise a bit along the way, just to get a sense of how the pattern could work with the modifications I made.

Personally, I think the left front neckband’s decreases are tidier than the right (when you look at the photo, your right is the sweater’s left).

I also think that this yarn was possibly not the best for this pattern, in part because it is so busy, but also because of the looseness of the twist in the yarn itself. Still, the sweater is not obnoxious, and the details of the sweater up close, with this yarn, are nice. A solid color would be better. I do like the green buttons.

I have a few more rows to do on the left front before I begin the sleeves. I am thinking of making the sleeves 3/4 length, just because I prefer shorter ones. I always roll up or push my wrist-length sleeves. I have 8 buttons, and maybe I’ll put one on each sleeve as a decoration of sorts . . .


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