Old Vines Scarf: Pattern & Process

Friday was a really big day for me!  I decided to post to Ravelry, and to here, my first “pay for” pattern.  It is the that I wrote about last March.  You can find it on the “Patterns for Sale” page.  Please give some consideration to buying this pattern!

Writing up a pattern takes some time, as does creating the knitting schematic, shooting the pictures, doing a layout, and finally creating the PDF file that goes along with it!  It really is a major process, far more than I anticipated.  And the thing is, the item has to be knitted before you can photograph it.

I used Knit Visualizer for the pattern schematic.  It is a fairly expensive piece of software, but it is really worth the price paid because it is so easy to use.

My camera is a Casio Exilim, and I can get pretty decent pictures with it.  My preferred settings are with all 9 sensors being used, along with soft flash and a +1 light setting.

For the PDF, I begin in MS Publisher, and then create the document using text boxes, clip art, my photos, and Knit Visualizer schematics saved in a PNG format, and then imported to Paint Shop, and saved as a JPEG.  Once I am happy with my Publisher file, I save it, and then, beginning on the first page, I “save as” and create a PNG file.  Finally, I use Acrobat Pro to create the PDF by choosing “create PDF from multiple files.”  My preferred PDF is “highest quality” for better detail.  It works very well.

Photos are really odd creatures.  You think you have a good one, but you don’t.  This is why I love digital pictures and software.  Cutting, editing, whatever – all can be done pretty readily.  Fonts and so on are also important, for headers, subheads, and content.  Everything needs to work well together.  The direction of a model in the layout leads the eye in, or out, of the page.  Busy-ness is distracting.  Too-much-of-the-same, in density and visual rhythm creates a visual yawn.

Anyway, there you go.  Here are some of the more than 40 pictures I took for the photo shoot.  These were some I liked, in addition to the ones you will find in the Old Vines Scarf pattern itself.


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