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Online Knitting Resources – A Few Thoughts

August 17, 2009

Online knitting resources have been around for years, but as internet technology and hardware improves, they have become better than ever.

One of the most valuable tools, for me, is the video.  On youtube, there are all sorts of instructional videos.  These really help get points across, and show the viewer something which is really difficult to describe in words, even with sequenced photographs.  Just doing a search for “backward caston” results in numerous hits, and refining it with “knitting” breaks it down even more.  If it hadn’t been for youtube, I’d never have been able to purl using the continental method – the Norwegian Purl video was more than a little bit of a help!

Other favorite sites for patterns include Ravelry, Twist Collective, Knitting Pattern Central, and KnitNet.  On many of these, techniques can be found, groups, local yarn stores.  In some ways, the internet is like an ongoing treasure hunt – click here, click there, and something new and interesting pops up!

Still, despite the potentials found online, there are also limitations, although as time and technology move forward, that will  become less of an issue.  The low-tech book and magazine provide a portability not found online, and yes, you can take them with you!  I personally would rather look at these than spend hours online, sitting in a chair, at a desk, and be indoors.  Much nicer to wander outdoors to peruse.  Color illustrations still catch my eye, the smell of ink and paper, and the beauty of layout, design, type font as well.

And, in this high-tech world, isn’t it interesting that many of us still prefer to knit with fine knitting needles in our hand, rather than at a knitting machine?

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