Cold Therapy, Post-Op

Ouch!  My radial nerve is hurting.  I hope that it is only temporary, from pressure from the healing process.

One of the best things to treat the swelling from the inflammation which is part of the body’s healing process is cold.  My MD recommended the Polar Care 300, which is a portable, electric ice pack.  An igloo cooler is modified, or specially made by Breg (the manufacturer), to pump cold water through a baffled pack.  This acts like an ice pack, and helps reduce post-op swelling.  Unfortunately, the bandages on my arm were so big that the ice pack did not get employed as it should have, which is very important during the first 72 hours.  Ah, well.

My surgery was done in Valencia, and the Polar Care 300 unit is sold by DME nearby.  Unlike other cold pack set-ups, the Polar Care is not bulky, very portable, extremely quiet, and incredibly well thought out.  We paid about 189.00 at DME.  Today, I am walking around with a tube to connect me to the unit, which I need to do hourly.   Hopefully the burning of the radial nerve will diminish, cuz it hurts more than the surgery!


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