Yarns of the City – 27 June 2009

Anacapa Fine Yarns

This weekend Anacapa Fine Yarns celebrates its 5th birthday.  And what a party it is!  On Saturday, Judy (my MIL) and I wandered over, planning on some damage occurring to the budgets.  We got in a bit later than the 10:00 a.m. opening – not much later, just 30 minutes – and the place was packed!

Lois started this store after working in a large accounting firm for years, and the years of “taking care of the books” certainly showed in her foresight.  Anacapa has been able to grow with the business. Lois is a cheerful, friendly person – sunny and funny – and greets many of her customers by name.

The store has a lot of floor space, natural light, good artificial light, and cosy feel.  In the front is most of the yarn, with plenty of room for new shipments, books, buttons, needles and notions. There are knitting bags, bits of fluffy wool for spinners, and yarns for all budgets and tastes. In the far corner are the books, with a small, circular table where you can sit, knit, chat, and look at patterns.  In the back is an even larger room, for classes, and more yarn (what else?).  Lois has had trunk shows, authors, teachers, as well as monthly and on-going classes.

As the years have gone by, more yarn has come in, wonderful employees, and a group of friendly fans make this a great place for knitters to congregate.  Customer service is always available, and I have never had a bad moment here – until I look at all the woolly seduction!  Then – well – you know how that is!  Choices!  And some – just some – self-control!!

And the sale? Well, you can see how crowded it was. The line was verrrry long! Judy and I each got sock yarn. Judy got some grey-green-blue Koigu, and I got some ocean-blue-green. Judy also got a lovely sock yarn that was creamy with other colors dispersed through it. I also picked up a nice ball of manly Tofutsies for the esposo, and some – finally! – Mini Mochi in greens.

Anacapa is a gem of a yarn store, and if you are up in Ventura, California, don’t forget to visit.  They are open 6 days a week – closed on Monday.  The newsletter is published regularly – take a look and see what’s happening and who is showing up.

Happy 5th, Anacapa!


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