A Foray into Toe-Up Socks, v

This past week I really have not done much of anything except munge around.  The highlights of the week have been watching the very funny Betty la Fea – in English, and the American version – on DVDs from Netflix.  What is there not to enjoy?

The second of the toe-up socks have been progressing over the past week.  I’ve turned the heel using the Fleegle Heel, which is the reverse of a top-down sock gusset, but without the need to pick up stitches along the heel flap.   The body of the sock measured 7 inches when I started the heel.  Most toe-up recipes with gussets say to begin it 2 to 2.5 inches before the total length.  I make my socks 9 inches long, so 6.5 to 7 inches would be fine – in theory!

Having turned the heel, before trying it on, just an eyeball of the sock told me that 7 inches was too long of a sock length.  It should have begun at 6.5 inches, or maybe even 6.  Another element of the heel was its angle, especially when compared to the short-row heel of the first sock.  Additionally, I usually turn my sock heel on about a third of the total stitches, not the traditional one half.  My gusset is a lot shorter as a result, and I am pleased with the way my top-down socks fit.

Still, the fit of this second sock, is not bad.  The problem, in my opinion, is the tediousness of turning the heel.  It was a lot easier to do, in some ways, than the short-row heel, but that is because the construction of the heel is one with which I am familiar.  The heel flap construction of a top-down sock requires picking up stitches, but the Fleegle heel does not, so the overall product is a bit tidier, though longer in doing.  

I may attempt to do this heel, if I do another toe-up pair of socks, on fewer stitches. It will be interesting to note at what point along the foot to begin a Fleegle heel with fewer stitches – I think the length of the sock may need to be a bit longer than when you use half of the total sock stitches. I also think I saw a reference to a Dutch heel for toe-up socks, which is not as fitted as this particular heel. Hmmm.

This second sock of this pair is made with only 54 stitches, not 60.  The reason is that I don’t really think that 60 is good for the lace pattern here.  The lace is stretchy, and doesn’t stretch out on my foot or leg.  I’d make that for a large leg, and use 42-48 for a young girl or small woman.

Here, you can see the difference between the two socks, especially at the heel. The short-row heel sock is a bit too short, and the Fleegle heel sock is a bit too long. Still, I have no plans of ripping out either sock, and will wear them as a pair!

My inclination is to go with a Fleegle heel as preferred method, but use maybe a third of the stitches, instead of half. Also, fewer stitches for this lace pattern. The fact that knitting is stretchy allows for errors like this, and I can wear them before I decide I don’t like toe-up socks. Right now, I’m just now sure I like making them….


2 thoughts on “A Foray into Toe-Up Socks, v

  1. This is very interesting.
    I’ve never heard of the Fleegle heel before.
    But as I’ve knitted only two pairs of socks in my life, I suppose that’s not surprising.

  2. The Fleegle heel is quite nice, and if you don’t want to pick up stitches, but still have a nice fit, and a nice looking heel, this one is a winner.

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