The Budget, Phones, a Dog, and Weird Little Things

This has been a rather dismal week.

There are just times when life’s external events pile up, and become Issues.

The budget crisis locally, statewide, and nationally is producing delayed effects, especially for those employed in the public sector.

Yours truly is one.

And, now, with the new fiscal year, the ones spared so far are looking ahead with consternation.

The city of Los Angeles, looking to save money, is auditing phones, to see if they are connected or not.  8000 phones never ring, are not used, and the potential annual savings is nearly three million bucks, if other phones are found not working.  Tax dollars at work.

How many jobs could be saved, would have been saved, if this had not occurred?

Life goes on, despite or inspite of it all.  Coming home to wagging tails is always a pleasure!  This guy certainly makes the day brighter! And looking at the junk on my desk, I had a good laugh over this.

Off to work!

I’ll check my phone, too.


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