A Foray into Toe-Up Socks, ii

I will say, the Kroy sock yarn I’ve been knitting and frogging, knitting and frogging, has held up great! It is some I’ve had in my stash for ages, and was made in Canada.

In my last post, I showed you a picture of a toe I’d started. It did not last long. I ripped it out and began again when I realized I had totally messed up on the design of the sock pattern. I miscalculated my stitches, and ripped back partially, but the poor yarn was so frazzled I finally just raveled the entire sock toe. And began again. This time I got it.

Here is the beginning of the pattern, if you would like to follow along. If I like it enough, I will write up the pattern and post it.

WIP: Toe Up Sock #1

Using Turkish cast-on, cast on 8 stitches. Work 2 rounds on 2 needles (see videos mentioned in other post for more details).

Round 3, on needle 1: k1, kfb, k2, place marker, knit to second-to-last stitch and in it kfb, k1. Total of 10 stitches. On needle 2: k1, kfb, k2 more stitches. Total of 5 stitches. You now will have 3 needles. Get new needle, and continue on: k2, kfb, k1. Total of 20 stitches spread over 3 needles, 5 on needle 1 (heel needle), 10 on needle 2 (instep), and 5 on needle 3 (heel).

Note: Placing the marker will be in the center of the instep needle is a great way to reference the number stitches – the instep needle should have twice as many stitches as each heel needle, with the marker making in the center being an easy way to make sure you are on track.

If you want to use 4 needles, divide stitches evenly over needles.

Round 4: Knit

Round 5: at the end of needle one, closest to the instep needle, you will begin your toe increases by kfb in the second to last stitch. Needle 1: k3, kfb, k1. Needle 2: k1, kfb, k to second-to-last stitch and kfb in that stitch, k1. Needle 3: k1, kfb, k to end of needle. 6 stitches on each heel needle, 12 stitches on instep.

Round 6: knit.

Round 7: Increase as for round 5.

Repeat rounds 6 and 7 until you have 14 stitches on each heel needle, and 28 stitches across instep. Total of stitches is 56.

Next round: knit


Next round: k 14 on needle 1; increase as before on instep needle, k 14 on needle 3. Total of stitches: 14 on heel needles, 30 stitches on instep.

Next round: knit.

Next round: k 14 on needle 1, increase as before on instep needle, k 14 on needle 3. Total of stitches: 14 on heel needles, 32 stitches on instep needle.

Next round: knit

Next round: Begin pattern on instep needle, ending k2. Place markers to divide each pattern repeat. There will be 5 pattern repeats. Thusly, K 14 on needle 1; follow Chart A being sure to end k2 on needle 2 (32 st); k 14 on heel needle 3. Continue in pattern.

And that is all for now!

I’ve just begun, but plan on stopping about 3 inches short of my usual foot length for socks, which is 9 inches. I plan on knitting 6 inches from the cast on toe. Let’s see what happens!

Reasons for Toe-Up Socks

The usual preferences given for toe-up socks are being able to try on the sock while knitting, and to be able to use the yarn to the last bit. Let’s add to this to the list: it’s a great place to hide mistakes if you don’t want to rip!


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