The Holy Gusset

Many, many moons ago, as a young and novice sock knitter, I produced my first socks.  I read my book.  I followed the directions.  I made the heel flap, turned the heel, picked up stitches, did the decreases and — and — and!

I had holes at the very top of my gusset.

I ripped it all out.  I read my book.  I followed the directions.  And there, once again, was those pesky holes.

I ripped out.  I read my book.

You get the idea.

Finally, in frustration, I just knit some extra stitches and did some strange things, and the holes magically disappeared. But, I had not followed the rules laid out in the sock pattern directions, and felt that, somehow, my inadequacy as a knitter was to blame.

Now mind you all, this was back in the days before internet, when yarn stores did not exist except far and between.  Libraries and books and relatives and friends were the only sources of information.  No one I knew knit socks.  I was on my own.

Fast forward a century or two.  Nancy Bush’s book Folk Socks debuted.  More sock books were published.  Sock knitting was In!  And The-Hole-at-the-Top-of-the-Gusset came out of the closet.

These memories tumbled out of the past as I was browsing YouTube.  This little jewel of a video shows you that nasty hole and how to conquer it.  Thank you KatAutumn!


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