Ohhhhh!  I cannot believe it, but I have actually done some Continental knitting!  I decided to make a hat to practice knitting and Norwegian purling.  If you look at the picture,  you will see a ridge at the bottom – I had to cast on, and then knit the first round in my usual way.  I just could not get the tension.  And then, off to work using that fabulous Norwegian Purl.

The nice tidy middle section I did yesterday.  This morning, relaxed, drinking coffee, waking up, you can see the stuff on the top is a lot more messy.  I’ll get it!

Gotta run – guests coming soooooon for brunch!


One thought on “Arf!

  1. Good luck with your Continental knitting. I have yet to attempt such a thing. Well actually, I get the two types mixed up. I’m a “thrower”, which ever one that is, and I keep wanting to try the other way because I hear it’s faster, but every time I start a project, I forget to knit it that way. Oh well… One of these days I’ll get around to practicing it.


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