Life in the Stash Lane

The other day while I was walking through the garage – which is something I seldom do, and generally avoid – I noticed a number of my plastic storage bins, which I had not seen for quite some time.  It’s not that they have been hidden or anything….I just don’t see them.  They are there, but not accounted for, therefore, invisible.

Until the other day.

Now, as Josh chops up bacon and fries it for carbonara, as the pasta boils, as the eggs are prepped, as the parsley is chopped, I have sneaked out to the garage, curious as to what is in there.

Fortunately, no spiders.

There are lots of UFOs – mostly socks – a scarf, balls of yarn without any labels, some beautiful stuff, but only one skein, and then enough for a hat or some other small item.  Some handspun.  Lots of needles, too – any wonder why I have to keep buying more???  And I only looked at two boxes.  I think there may be at least 5 or 6 more.

It’s been crossing my mind that I should go on a yarn diet, and use what I have (with buying only what I really need).  That would take the rest of my life!

So, I pulled out a few things – no matter that I have a hat to finish, a scarf, lots of other socks, some of this and some of that….but I have gotten some things done!  See this?

Alicia in the Clouds

The second beret – now known as “Clouds” – and some photos, too, of it.  The PDF is done – it just needs another picture or two,  and proofing by the test knitters, and then – corrections?  And publication!  I can hardly wait!


2 thoughts on “Life in the Stash Lane

  1. inkyarn Post author

    Thanks! I hope it will be up for publication soon…sooon…..soooooooooon!

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