Pattern Design – Layout, Writing, Photos, Oh My!

I have spent a lot of hours over the past few days, trying to write out my beret pattern!  Talk about work, headaches, and so on.  It really is a nuisance – or maybe it’s just me?  Not only do I want clear instructions, I want to create a pattern which is pleasant to look at when it is published in a PDF format.  What to do?  Where to begin?

There are probably”obvious” places to begin…but I expect they vary with each individual.  This is the sequence I followed as far as publishing went:

  1. Create the diagrams of the patterns, the body and the decrease.  From there, export them into a PNG format and divide them up into sections.
  2. Decide on the layout – pictures, text – what to put where.  Also decide on a logical sequence.
  3. Create the pattern in MS Publisher.
  4. Convert to PDF

Steps 1 to 3 were easy enough, but for whatever reason, Adobe would not convert the Publisher file into a PDF document.  Finally, I hit on saving each page in Publisher as a PNG, and combined all 5 pages of the pattern into one PDF file.  Whew!  Of course, I’ve already discovered a few mistakes in spelling, and design flaws (biggies, IMHO), and thoughts for better instructions.  Despite this, the PDF is sent off to the test knitters, and I will need to make corrections – but not tonight, thank you!

Oriel Pic 4

Lastly, a friend has the beret, to photograph for me!  Certainly the pictures will be better than the ones I took.  The ones in the original PDF will be replaced by ones far better than my sad little ones….


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