Time Flies!

On New Year’s Day I vowed I would not let life get in the way of writing on this blog.  But, like all things, something else seems to get in there, no matter what the good intentions.  Work, life, knitting, classes, whatever.  Mostly it seems that I have been knitting, and reading all about radiation protection and digital radiography.  Writing takes some time – to do it well requires something to write about, and some thoughts about it all.

Here, we are emerging from a short spell of colder weather.  Lows in the 40s with some rain – not enough, but some!  There are clouds in the sky, there is a breeze, and altogether it is lovely weather.  Out in the flower beds, the freesias are coming out – no flowers yet, but the leaves are perky and green.  The roses have been pruned.  The calla lilies are unfurling the first of their blooms.  The windows are open and the songs of the first mockingbirds are to be heard.  Spring in January!  Welcome to California!

From late October of 2008 I really got on a knitting binge.  I finally took the time to explore Ravelry and look through Knitty, both sites which I really enjoy.  I also decided to make something for everyone, mostly little things, but also designed a sweater-sweatshirt for our nephew who is 16 months or so now.  Some items I designed, others I found and used patterns.  I made hats and mitts and a pair of socks or two.  So, to keep it brief, I am including some snaps of things made . . . .

Rose Red 2

Rose Red

Rose Red Detail 2

Rose Red in White

This was a pattern I really enjoyed knitting up.  The designer is a young woman from Scotland, Ysolda Teague, and you can purchase the pattern through Ravelry or her website.  There are links to her on the sidebar.  Above are my pictures of the finished hat.

Another pattern which I enjoyed I also bought from Ravelry.  This is the Tretta hat by Grumperina – great design, and I learned a few new things, such as the fact that there are right-slanting and left-slanting make-one increases!  Just goes to show there are new things under the sun!

Tretta in Pink

Like a lot of knitters, I have piles of stash . . . boxes of stash . . .  this is made out of Lamb’s Pride by Brown Sheep, in a bright, warm pink.

Pink Hat  2

Pink Hat Detail

Pink Hat

The beauty of this hat is its design. The pattern is very closed up when it is not on a head – but once on, it is stretchy and elastic, and fits very nicely!

Dashing Mitts

Moving on to another present, I made the Dashing mitts by Cheryl Niamath. This pattern can be found on Knitty. They are really easy to make and a lot of fun!


And finally, another hat.


Woolley Wormhead designs hat. This one is a free pattern which can be found on Ravelry as well. As with Tretta, this one was made with stash, a deep teal (the photo does not do justice to the color) in Lamb’s Pride as well.


Another time, some pictures of my own designs, and a pattern perhaps!


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