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What You See . . .

Nothing like exploration to come across new places – and new people! In my family, there is a history of being in the television industry.  My mother was a camera man (really, woman) in the 1940s.  Both of my parents

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Oh, yawn . . .

I have really not been interested in looking at computers, being indoors, thinking, or writing.  The end of summer and beginning of autumn always puts me in a restless, unfocused mood.  Not a bad thing, if I just let it

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Portrait Lighting

I’m in a small, informal group of photographers who meet with a professional in our area for lessons on whatever subject we want.  There are five of us in this group, three of whom met in a short intermediate digital

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Persimmons, i

I love the color of persimmons – bright orange fruits silhouetted against the sharp blue of the autumn sky.  These are the hachiya variety, and when you buy them in the store, they are hard.  As they ripen, they become

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Lighting Assignment

In last Monday’s class, we learned about lighting; for this week, we must produce some images with any one of the techniques we learned.  Of course, the first thing I did was to head to YouTube!  There are some really

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A Shot or Two
From the Mountain Top


Pepper Tree in the Late Afternoon

More Photos

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