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Brushwork and Value in Watercolor

  Having been doing sumi-e with some regularity for several years, I am finding it helpful in watercolor. Because the brush is the vehicle for watercolor, as it is in sumi-e, it is important to understand how the brush works. Kolinsky sable watercolor brushes can

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Sunday Afternoon

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Sumi-e Studies

After the trip to the Descanso Gardens, and the Gardens of the World, I finally got out some ink, paper, and brushes.  The camellias in bloom everywhere in the Descanso Gardens, and the rows of magnolias in the Gardens of

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Dragon Stone

We are still moving things around since my brother moved out last year.  Needless to say, we are slow!  In that process of making room for him, a lot of stuff was shifted, stored, and forgotten.  Now that the studio

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UFOs are Landing!

Yarn Balls Rolling! What was supposed to be a two-week interim stay by my brother turned into five months.  We moved the guest bed in my husband’s office into my studio so that Josh, who telecommutes, would not be kicking

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A Shot or Two
From the Mountain Top


Pepper Tree in the Late Afternoon

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